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I saw that your bookings are currently closed, when will they re-open?
Bookings will be re-opening Sunday April 30th at 12 noon PST. When they re-open bookings will be proposal based instead of waiting list based. What this means is that I will be accepting proposals for tattoo ideas for a limited time, and will be booking the following months from the proposed ideas that I am most excited about doing. I expect more proposals than I will be able to work on in a several month period, so if for some reason your proposal is not chosen for the following months I would encourage submitting it again during the next open booking period.

I really like this artwork that another artist/my friend/someone on the internet did, can I have you tattoo it for me, but in your style?
No. I only tattoo original art that I create myself for my clients. I can use a piece of art for reference as a loose starting point to create original art, however any artwork that I will create will be different enough from any reference to as not to be viewed as a copy or knockoff. I do not copy, redraw, or recreate the work or ideas of other artists or already existing art.

Can I get your style design but in full color?
No, I am currently only tattooing in black with minimal color added, I don't do full color work.

This one tattoo you did is my favorite, is it okay for me to have another artist copy that design for me so I can have it too? Do you sell designs that you’ve already done for other clients?
No and no. When I design a custom tattoo for a client it is for them only, and I would never want to have it copied for anyone else. Please respect other people's rights to have an original piece of work, and choose to go that route for your own tattoos as well. Stealing someone's artwork for any reason is super fucked up karma, take the high road.

I live far away from you, can I commission you to create artwork for me and have it tattooed by another artist?
No, I don't create designs for other people to tattoo. I don't like the idea of leaving the technical execution to someone else who might not have the same skill set or vision as I do, also I usually spend longer creating a design that it actually takes to tattoo, so it does not make sense for me to draw designs and not tattoo them.

What about commissions for non-tattoo artwork?
Yes, I am happy to receive inquiries for commissioned artwork that is not intended for reproduction as a tattoo.

Should I tip?
Yes, it's customary to tip your artist if you're happy with your tattoo, or felt you got extra attention. A good tip is 15-20% of the total cost of your tattoo including deposit, similar to what you might leave in a restaurant, but any token of gratitude is appreciated.

What if I have an appointment but I'm not feeling well?
I will not take appointments with anyone who is sick, getting sick, not yet fully recovered from an illness, or contagious in any way. If this is the case I am happy to reschedule you. If you decide to show up to your appointment and you are ill or are showing any symptoms of illness I will ask you to come back when you are better, so if you are not feeling well for any reason please stay home, rest up, and reschedule your appointment for when you are fully recovered.

Are you coming to my city any time soon?
My home base is Los Angeles, CA. I tattoo regularly in San Francisco, CA at 2 Spirit Tattoo. Travel plans are announced on Instagram as soon as they are finalized.

Do you have prints or other artwork for sale?
Yes, all items for sale are available exclusively at my online store.

Can I get an apprentiship from you?
I am currently not taking on any apprentices, and my schedule is such that I do not have time to chat with everyone who inquires. I would suggest as a first step to start getting tattoos from artists who's artwork and style you admire, start talking to them about it while getting tattooed, and build a relationship from there. Some advice that I pass on to everyone who inquires about apprenticeships is if you are currently tattooing at home I would caution you to stop immediately. People who tattoo from home get labeled "scratchers" and if you are looking to get into the business the correct way it is doubtful that any reputable shop or artist will work with you if they find out that that is what you have been doing. Concentrate instead on your artwork, get tattooed as much as possible by artists who you admire, and build up a strong art portfolio that you can show to prospective mentors once you have established a working relationship with them.

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